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Sveiki užsukę į mano tinklaraštį! Džiaugiuosi, kad turiu skaitytojų, kurie neabejingi veltinio kerams:) Tikiuosi čia rastos pamokėlės ir idėjos įkvėps ir Jus pačias išbandyti vėlimą, natūraliais rankdarbiais sušildyti savo šeimą. Jei naudositės mano pamokėlėmis gamindamos rankdarbius pardavimui - prašau prie savo parduodamo kūrinio įdėti tiesioginę nuorodą į mano pamokėlę, o pasisėmusios idėjų iš mano sukurtų rankdarbių, paminėti tos idėjos šaltinį, t.y. šį tinklaraštį.
Smagaus vėlimo!

2016 m. rugsėjo 2 d., penktadienis

Woolen rugs and mats

Warm season is getting to the end, wool is my friend again :)
I love crochet from big thick yarn fluffy cozy items. And if make this from wool - I can felt it, surface becomes smooth and soft - real pleasure for feet and paws. Crochet wool rugs

Woolen cat mat

Or whatever :)))

2016 m. sausio 5 d., antradienis

Woolen leg warmers

Really cold Winter came to Lithuania this January. Beautiful views, joy of skiing together with harsh cold, long nights and ...evenings perfect for knitting :) Big thick wool leg warmers, first knitted and then felted:

Mossy green wool leg warmers

Bordeaux maroon leg warmers 

2015 m. birželio 18 d., ketvirtadienis

My New Hook

This Summer is so beautiful and so at home :) Caring about kids and plants, hooking with new ideas.
The newest one Oversized doilies :

These doily rugs are perfect for deck, especially linen rugs for wooden deck:

One I've made of weather resistant rope, which usually is used by fishermans and sailors. I guess this bright rug is able to survive Lithuanian Summers and Winters:

2015 m. gegužės 10 d., sekmadienis

OT: šakotis

A short off topic :)
Last weekend me with my mom and friends baked traditional Lithuanian Šakotis in our back yard.

When I was a teenager, my parents used to bake these beautiful big cakes for weddings, other big feasts. My sister and I were their helpers. I've separated thousands of egg whites from the yolks those days :)))
Few years ago, we revived old big cooking equipment, but it seemed too big. So my husband have made a small outdoor "grill" suitable to make Šakotis. Loooots of eggs, butter, sugar, work and we had a beautiful delicious result:

2015 m. balandžio 29 d., trečiadienis


Shoemaking is an old craft, but industrial massproduction supersedes it. Still crafty enthusiasts revives it :)
Local oldshool factories of shoe lasts and soles are tethering on the brink of closure. Feltmakers are a great support for them nowadays as their creations are getting more and more popular in all over the world. I joint to this by selling production of these factories in My Etsy shop Rasae . Through this I meet a lot of interesting people, who are my customers in supplies shop section. One of them is Sharon Raymond from US, she says: "I think every village needs a shoemaker, I hope you'll be the one for yours!" Visit her blog with lots of tips and ideas of shoemaking: and her Etsy shop with shoemaking tutorials: and her youtube chanel. This is her tutorial to show how to make leather shoes using my soles:

Thank you Sharon!