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Sveiki užsukę į mano tinklaraštį! Džiaugiuosi, kad turiu skaitytojų, kurie neabejingi veltinio kerams:) Tikiuosi čia rastos pamokėlės ir idėjos įkvėps ir Jus pačias išbandyti vėlimą, natūraliais rankdarbiais sušildyti savo šeimą. Jei naudositės mano pamokėlėmis gamindamos rankdarbius pardavimui - prašau prie savo parduodamo kūrinio įdėti tiesioginę nuorodą į mano pamokėlę, o pasisėmusios idėjų iš mano sukurtų rankdarbių, paminėti tos idėjos šaltinį, t.y. šį tinklaraštį.
Smagaus vėlimo!

2017 m. vasario 26 d., sekmadienis

Creative surroundings

It is such a gift to be surrounded by beautiful creative people - it inspires to move on, boosts your own creativity.
In my shop we work together with my Mother in Law Delida, ideas of new creations pops up every spare moment :) And our customers from all over the world gives the best inspiration.

 These convertible mittens became real bestsellers during last Christmas, they were also inspared by a customer who asked if one of our fingerless gloves could be converted into mittens. Such mittens flew to all over the world under the Christmas trees in Europe, America and Australia.

These long fingerless gloves for Winter Wedding knitted of luxurious baby alpaca yarn were created together with Lolita from as an addition to her beautiful dresses
Just read the reviews of her shop, they tell everything!

I can't walk by, when I see something beautiful made by hands. I guess some new project will be born soon for them. The World must see those creations and should be able to reach and get. At this moment I just invited some of them into my Etsy shop of Lithuanian knittings. Beaded knitted and crochet items - they takes lots of time, needs a lot of thoroughness and looks like adornment not only a crochet cell phone case

or beaded wrist warmers

2016 m. rugsėjo 2 d., penktadienis

Woolen rugs and mats

Warm season is getting to the end, wool is my friend again :)
I love crochet from big thick yarn fluffy cozy items. And if make this from wool - I can felt it, surface becomes smooth and soft - real pleasure for feet and paws. Crochet wool rugs

Woolen cat mat

Or whatever :)))

2016 m. sausio 5 d., antradienis

Woolen leg warmers

Really cold Winter came to Lithuania this January. Beautiful views, joy of skiing together with harsh cold, long nights and ...evenings perfect for knitting :) Big thick wool leg warmers, first knitted and then felted:

Mossy green wool leg warmers

Bordeaux maroon leg warmers