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Sveiki užsukę į mano tinklaraštį! Džiaugiuosi, kad turiu skaitytojų, kurie neabejingi veltinio kerams:) Tikiuosi čia rastos pamokėlės ir idėjos įkvėps ir Jus pačias išbandyti vėlimą, natūraliais rankdarbiais sušildyti savo šeimą. Jei naudositės mano pamokėlėmis gamindamos rankdarbius pardavimui - prašau prie savo parduodamo kūrinio įdėti tiesioginę nuorodą į mano pamokėlę, o pasisėmusios idėjų iš mano sukurtų rankdarbių, paminėti tos idėjos šaltinį, t.y. šį tinklaraštį.
Smagaus vėlimo!

2020 m. rugsėjo 28 d., pirmadienis


 What a year!... Everything is different... plans had to be changed, works ...recycled.



Every Summer my craft studio was turned into airbnb apartment. But in 2020 everything had to be changed because of quarantine. Tourists couldn't come because of safety of my old neighbours. My studio is situated in a beautiful part of Vilnius - Žvėrynas. In old times it was forest over the river for Lithuanian Dukes to hunt. Later it turned into district of wooden villas. 

Now it is an upscale green residential neighbourhood of Vilnius. My studio is in one of such villas - about 100 years old. My neighbours - old lovely sisters, whose grandfather's brother built this villa before the WW2. 

So, as almost all the world had to stay home, I had to beautify the households :) Lots of rugs, placemats, chair cushions, hammocks were made and flied to all over the world.

One of the items I made - was Chair cushions from recycled sheets  from airbnb times:

Most of the items were made from recycled cotton ropes. Vig crochet rugs :

 And Smaller swirly rugs :

 Colourful crochet chair pads :

 Crochet pillows in Granny squares style :

2020 m. gegužės 6 d., trečiadienis


One year ago I had a knee surgery and had to spend few weeks in bed. That was perfect opportunity to crochet big laces for big thing - Hammock with crochet lace:
Now I finally found perfect yarn for such hudge crochets and made better version of it - hammock with lace and tassels :

My son 3D printed me a toy - tassel maker:

2020 m. vasario 21 d., penktadienis

New old crafts

There was a big break in my craft life. Caused by an allergy to my biggest passion - wool... I can't work with it, wear it nor touch it anymore.
Sooo. new searches and discoveries! 
Recycling - crochet from old clothers:
Crochet rugs from recycled cotton rope:

And latest new passion - silk painting: